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A first « mise en bouche »

jeudi 28 janvier 2010 , par Mathilde Vautier

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How to be a punk, join in the “Steppology” Church or learn about King Arthur’s “real”story - What a treat for the audience ! The Fish & Chips festival kicked off with a fun family-friendly program where both kiddies and grown-ups could find something to get involved in : “Let’s go punk” was M. Royal’s motto (Fred Tousch), with Mohicans-making workshops, make-and-destroy sessions as symbols of the hate-it-all punk attitude. Kids loved kicking about on Fred’s punk guitar tunes, along with grabbing a warm hot chocolate and brownie (watch the news report)...

Enthusiastic public involvement again in the French and British company’s shows : Rouen-based Acid Kostic got the audience step up and down, as required in the “Steppology” Church ritual. And all is fine, as everybody got “steppified” ! A remarkable mix of brass instruments, lyrical singing and comical tricks was some of the skills used Les Grooms to explain King Arthur’s legend ; and Bash Street company and their 4-men skillful performance at the crossroads of mime, silent films, theatre and music also was also a charming experience for the audience.

The station, Bash Street Company

Goûter Choko-Punk, M. Royal (Fred Tousch)

Un roi Arthur / King Arhur, Les Grooms

Lève-toi et step ! / Step right up !, Acid Kostik

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