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Amazing journey...through a pig !

dimanche 26 septembre 2010 , par Aurelien Marteaux , Jean-Marie Grall (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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Whalley Range All Stars company’s giant pig is hard to miss, there lying down in St Georges’ park. Even harder to get a golden ticket to get in, as the queue in front of the installation is endless. Once you get given the piggy tail, tied up on your belt, you become one of the lucky piglets, stood in front of one of the 10 places available on this lovely big piggy’s tummy.

And that’s where, for a split second, while assessing the various elements of the current situation, you are thinking to yourself : “I am kneeling down, head popping through a massive inflatable pig. A curly pink tail is sticking out of my back, seen by all passers-by. And I am the only spectator to know all my times tables !

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When the ‘what the hell am I doing here ?’ moment is over, it’s a delight to get in the funny world of this show. Inside the pig, a couple of farmers wake up and get on with their daily chores : bottle-feed piglets Albert and his sister, water the allotment to grow plants, feed the hens, pick up their eggs…thanks to some simple visuals cleverly put together, the company makes the farm alive, in front of the curious eyes of Great Yarmouth’s kiddies. The man sheers the sheep, gives the wool to his wife, who knits a scarf in a record time !

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‘Pig’ is an aside, a lovely 10 minute rural life experience and a family friendly agricultural-theatrical tale. A show that, in the last few minutes, gives you a piggyback to an imaginary moment !

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