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Amoros (Compagnie Luc Amoros)

Visual theatre - France / Strasbourg

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- Co-production et residency : Fourneau, Hangar, Atelier 231 (2009)
- Programmed in : Fête dans la Ville, Vivacité, FAR du Pays de Morlaix, Temps Forts in Loos-en-Gohelle, Déambule in Brest (2010)

Luc Amoros and his company, a journey...

Luc Amoros has revived the ancestral art of shadow theatre by creating his own art form based on images - both intimate and spectacular, from the other end of the world or close to home - playing on universal dreams, whether they are aboriginal dreams or childhood dreams. Although these dreams may feature the Lapps or the Navajos Indians, the myth of Tristan and Isolde or the Lascaux Caves, Hitchcock or West African Mandingos, he often brings us to the meeting of cultures.

This is how he uses shadows, paint brushes and cameras – to outline the fringes of a surrealistic form of theatre, a theatre of illusions created in real time, somewhere between Do-It-Yourself and Hi-Tech, giving “performances” during which dialogue intermingles with the plastic arts and live music melts into the cameras… he is currently extending his research to include writing, with particular emphasis on monologue, chronicles and even song, but not exclusively so.

His approach to the audience is multi-facetted, using a wide range of stages, from traditional theatres to large outside venues including industrial wasteland, and from international festivals to specially arranged encounters without, of course, neglecting performances to wider general audiences containing both children and parents. This is how he expresses his desire to use new technical resources and continually rejuvenated performance methods to stage this exploration of the vast world of images, piercing the mystery of mankind’s irresistible fascination for moving images a little more every day.

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