Avanti Display

Burlesque street theatre - UK

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- Diffusion : Hat Fair (Winchester) in 2008
The Spurting Man
- Diffusion : Le Verger des Vieilles Charrues (Carhaix) in 2011
Mr Lucky’s party
- Diffusion : Z’Arts Up + Les Z’Ailleurs (Béthune) in 2011

The British company Avanti Display was formed by Bill Palmer and Mike Lister in 1984. They have more than two decades of experience of producing and performing street theatre.

Drawing on its rich national tradition of popular theatre, the company combines comedy, surrealism and spectacle to create shows that are imbued with a unique charm.

Avanti Display has presented work at all the major British and European street theatre Festivals, and is touring extensively around the world, including 5 tours of Australia.

Using their skills in creative engineering, they specialise in developing dramatic visual effects. The use of water is their trademark and their aim is to employ it in unexpected ways to produce surprising and comic effects. As well as they want to produce work that is engaging and entertaining, while maintaining their artistic vision and their desire to continue trying new ideas.

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My Lucky’s Party - Z’Arts Up + Les Z’Ailleurs (2011)

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Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

Le Fourneau - Le Verger, Carhaix

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20 juillet 2011

« Un jardin extraordinaire »

Le Poher
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3 juin 2011

« Vieilles Charrues. La rue à l'assaut du Verger »

Le Télégramme
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