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Broadcast about the ZEPA network (RCF Rivages)

mercredi 15 septembre 2010 , par auteur Aurelien Marteaux (traduction Valérie Gooch)

trad article traduction [English] [français]

Recorded at the occasion of the european meeting organized during the FAR du Pays de Morlaix 24th edition, the broadcast of Ronan Le Coz of the radio RCF Rivages introduces the ZEPA network and allows the following participants to speak :
- Jean-Pierre Marcos of Amiens Métropole
- Anne Gonon of Hors-les-Murs
- Patrick Sandford of the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton
- Joe Mackintosh of Sea Change Arts in Great Yarmouth
- Mike Martins of Hat Fair in Winchester

(Broadcast in French)

Le réseau ZEPA
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