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Carabosse visit sites for their commissioned piece in Brighton Festival

vendredi 12 novembre 2010 , par Shelley Bennett

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Christophe and Richard from Compagnie Carabosse came to look at some different sites in Brighton for the Brighton Festival commissioned piece from them for May 7th & 8th 2011. There were four seasons in one day, but, we braved windy hill tops and muddy lane ways, grey industrial landscapes and the lush green parks of Brighton & Hove.

Carabosse are very interested in continuing a dialogue with the Brighton audience that was begun many years ago - a conversation with the public that has been continued annually stimulated by the Festival’s outdoor programme. A Brighton audience is interested in unusual offerings and are open-minded to an energy exchange with the creations ; whether that means having to walk some distance in the wind and rain or bringing along picnics to get involved in a local park. The Festival’s ambition is not only to be open to all with a truly democratic programme of outdoor street art work, but to continue to challenge, to stimulate response and to find a two-way dynamic, a tipping point where mere on-lookers become participants and that involvement becomes a contributing factor of the creation too.

Brighton Festival are delighted that they will finally be able to work with Carabosse as they have had this ambition for many years. We are expecting something very special and are looking forward to everyone’s imaginations really being explored within the Fire Garden that is especially created here.

Having seen various spaces the company will go away and dream... when their proposals are submitted we will be able to work together to make them a reality !

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