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Homo Sapiens Burocraticus
- Artistic Workshops : 12 students from the Bachelor of Street Arts at the University of Winchester worked with Compagnie N°8 on the show (2011)
- Programmed at : FAR de Morlaix in 2009 ; Z’Arts Up in 2010 ; La Déambule (Brest) in 2011

Monstres d’inhumanité
- Residency : Atelier 231 and Le Fourneau in 2012
- Programmed at : Z’Arts Up in 2012

Donnez Nous Votre Argent
- Programmed at : Printemps des Abers and Les Rias (Brittany) in 2011 ; La Fête dans la Ville (Amiens) in 2012

Compagnie n°8 is a street theatre company born from a chance meeting between two clowns, Alexandre Pavlata and Benoit Blanc, and the dancer Stefania Brannetti.

The ambition of the company is to suggest artisitic attacks, living aesthetic images, absurd situations...To disturb the Great Sleep who nestles down in all of us. To blow out the sad and lazy dusts, which stifle slowly but surely our lives...

Photo : Monstres d’inhumanité - Z’Arts Up (2012)

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Atelier 231 - Résidences

Le Fourneau - Résidences

Culture Commune - Carvin

Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

Le Fourneau - La Déambule

Le Fourneau - Les Rias

Le Fourneau - Printemps des Abers

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