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Compagnie n°8 in residency at the Atelier 231

lundi 21 mai 2012 , par auteur Sylvain Marchand (traduction Marie Bertel)

trad article traduction [English] [français]

In residency at the Atelier 231 from 21st February to 7th March 2012, the Numéro 8 company presented to 78 people the work in progress of their new creation ‘Monstre d’Humanité’. This show ended the trilogy started in 2006 with Donnez-nous votre argent and Homo Sapiens Burocraticus, in 2009, on the theme of power, money and its excesses.

During the residency, the company has welcomed a group from the leisure centre of Maromme, who had the opportunity to discover some parts of the performance and to discuss with the company about the themes of the show. This was followed by a visit of the Atelier 231 and a showing of videos on various emblematic street theater companies at the resource centre.

Photos : Caroline Lelong, Florence Boullen-Dicecca, Sylvain Marchand

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