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Creating a character through the body, by Léa Dant

mercredi 20 juillet 2011 , par Anne Saint-Germier

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On Tuesday 17th May, the 6th form students involved in the street arts optional course met Léa Dant, Théâtre du Voyage Intérieur company’s Artistic Director, at Atelier 231 for an afternoon dedicated to drama.

Since the beginning of the school year, Léa Dant has regularly led workshops as part of the street art optional course, alongside teachers Franck Krebs and Bénédicte Roger. During the first part of the year, the workshops helped to set the basis of acting, i.e space, presence, voice, text, improvisation and or context of proximity. The second part follows the work up through the angle of the character, envisaged in a different way at each session. After working on creating a character by using objects and texts, the young comedians worked on creating a character using the body this Tuesday. A long warm-up helped them to become conscious of their bodies. Then, in the course of the exercises, the students found ways to create a whole character, with a name and a voice, from a body segment, a posture or a movement.

Next session will be dedicated to studying a character by using clothes. Léa gave the students some homework : they have to find the costume of a character placed in a specific psychological state such as anger, joy or sadness. Does the color of the costume change depending on the character’s mood ? Or what kind of make-up, accessories could be used ? These are the questions the students will have to answer in order to create their character’s costume. So nose around in your wardrobes, young comedians !

Photos : Anne Saint-Germier

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