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[D-4] A washing line in the sky

mardi 20 avril 2010 , par Jean-Marie Diricq (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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As soon as they arrived in Béthune, the members of Générik Vapeur invested the square Maréchal Foch to set up all their stuff. The venue is very appropriate, as it is big and right in the town centre. Because these artists, known to not work on a tiny scale, do need their space.

Générik Vapeur are familiar faces round here, and many local people still have in mind images of previous beautiful extravaganza. This crazy lot from Marseilles told us they’ve got one of these mad performances up their sleeves that only they know the secret of.

It looks like they’re hanging a tremendously long washing line at an incredibly high level. What for though ? Well, you’ll have to wait for Saturday evening to find out, but no doubt it will be quite amazing.

The other companies invited by Culture Commune are also arriving, one after the other. They will be no less than 22, including some British companies invited as guests by the Mayor of Béthune on Saturday morning. You’re either European or you’re not.

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