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Aude Pauchet, ZEPA work-placement based at Winchester Hat Fair, shares her experience from across the Channel

lundi 14 février 2011 , par Aude Pauchet (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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After a three-month work placement at Le Fourneau, as part of the agreement between le Fourneau, Winchester Hat Fair and Brest and Winchester universities, Aude Pauchet carries on her placement at Hat Fair for 3 months.

The Master in Management of Performing Arts student (Université de Bretagne Occidentale -UBO) shares her impressions on this exciting ’journey’ at the heart of the European Zone of Artistic Projects (ZEPA)...

Here I am, halfway through this great experience in England already, as part of the Hat Fair team. I am really interested about learning how the British arts and cultural sector operates. It cleary does not get the same support from the Government as it does in France but there seems to be a strong willpower to structure it by being creative about overcoming the government’s drastic budget cuts.

As far as street-arts are concerned, it is not so widespread in the UK but networks such as the Independant Street Art Network (ISAN) or the National Association of Street Arts (NASA) become more and more influential and contrribute to the recognition of the sector. A concrete example is my participation in a Without Walls meeting yesterday in London. This organisation brings together the most influential festivals in the country, co-produces street-art shows and offers support to distribution, thanks to the members of the network.

I am to meet the other British partners soon : SeaChange Arts in Great Yarmouth in March, for the 2nd edition of Mardi Gras, Zap Art, as part of their work with ZEPA French associate company Générik Vapeur, performing ’Photo Communale’ on March 12th in the small Sussex town.

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