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The « Fish & Chips » is a festival created by Atelier 231 as part of the ZEPA project. This friendly European multi-disciplinary outdoor arts event brings together UK and French companies to encourage, facilitate and enhance encounters between people and audiences.

Edition #3 : 25th, 26th and 27th January 2012

Write the dates of 25th, 26th and 27th January in your diary for the New Year, for “Fish & Chips #3” is back with our British friends at Atelier 231.

This year, after having worked with Winchester and Great Yarmouth, it is the turn of another partner from the ZEPA network to produce this event with us. Dave Reeves and Veronica Stephens from Zap Art in Brighton are working with us to create this 3rd edition.

Go with the flow, and wander between the “Promenade des Anglais”, the “Red Lion Pub” and enter our more cosy “Tender” room.

The sound and lighting effects on the “Promenade des Anglais” are signed by Mastoc Production, and Thor MacIntyre-Burnie will be heckled by a dozen or so UK companies that compete with their resourcefulness and humour. Music ! The King David’s Trio and the DJ’s El Diablo Rojo, Miss Skavoovie straight from the cellars of Brighton, await you in the “Red Lion Pub”, transformed by the Strangelings. And then sit in Carabosse’s steam chairs, take a hot dip in the Great British Sauna, produced by Hocus Pocus, or fortify yourself with Atelier’s kitchen home-made chippy, and at the end of the evening, enjoy Neige de Feu by Lara Castiglioni.

For atmosphere in the Tender, we recommend Gandini Juggling and their latest show, Smashed. For those of you who missed Tilted Productions at Viva Cité, they will be here again, and for the first time in France, they will present Masquerade.

Come with the family on Wednesday afternoon, where you will be met by the Grand Theatre of Lemmings, not to mention, of course, “Total Crêpes” with hot chocolate for the afternoon snack.

It is free ! This is the tradition with outdoor arts, to allow everyone to make the most of a cosy atmosphere, away from the day-to-day routine, where we wander wherever we wish, and bump into numerous artists and their imaginary world. The weather may not be kind to us, snow, rain and wind may be uninvited guests…dress warmly…all welcome…come with your friends…come with your family…to breathe Normandy in winter.

Daniel Andrieu, Atelier 231’s Director

Edition #2 : 26th, 27th and 28th January 2011

This year, for the second time and in the heart of winter, British and French artists from each side of the Channel welcome you to the Fish’n Chips #2, on 26th, 27th, 28th January 2011.

The programme takes place at Atelier 231, outdoors obviously, but also indoors in a nice warm venue, or at the Red Lion Pub to enjoy a typically British atmosphere.
Following our collaboration with Hat Fair in Winchester, we created this year’s festival programme together with our friends from SeaChange Arts in Great Yarmouth. Atelier 231, SeaChange Arts and seven other organisations are the 9 partners involved in the ZEPA project (European Zone of Artistic Projects) created in 2008.

This year, Wednesday afternoon will see a family-orientated programme, including a British Total Crêpes session, and Thursday and Friday evenings promise to be two very lively occasions.

The companies, two British and one French, will liven up the Tender, Atelier 231’s great hall : Slightly Fat Features with Variety at the Atelier, Ragroof Theatre with Shall We Dance and BruitQuiCourt company with Carmen, revisited by four funny characters.
Outside, “la Promenade des Anglais” will be decorated and warmed up by Les Plastiqueurs and various British artists such as Johnny White, Chris Day, Dan Pepiat, Pressure Company, and also NikOdiO, a Rouen-based emerging video artist.
No less than 8 street-art companies will present their shows, sometimes quirky, surprising and often funny : the British Rimski’s Bicycle Piano, Granny Turismo, the Grand Theatre de Lemmings, Plungeboom and the Strangelings, and the French 2 RIEN MERCI and their Gramoulinophone, Embruns de Lune from Mastoc Production, and Les Fauteuils à vapeur from Carabosse.

This year again, the audience will be delighted to taste Atelier 231’s delicious renowned fish and chips and enjoy The Red Lion Pub, which will be transformed by the Strangelings and musically animated by Magic Number and DJ Jazzlord, whose session will mark the end of these amazing 3 days.

Offering you an outdoor street-arts festival in the heart of winter for the second time is a little original, so defy the wintery cold, put on your jumpers and warm clothes and come and join us at Atelier 231 to discover a new Franco-British street-arts world.

Daniel Andrieu
Directeur de l’Atelier 231

Edition #1 : 27th, 28th and 29th January 2010

Why not come and listen to the song of the winter wind, after New Year, with your grandmother, and the children and cousins from England ?
Offering you outdoor street theatre in the heart of winter is a little original ! Something unusual to celebrate New Year in style is what we fancied. Creating a new event outside the manger is not really the usual thing to do particularly at the moment.

And yet we intend to invite you on the 27th, 28th and 29th of January 2010 to the first Anglo-French street theatre event. Let this be an invitation.

A diversified programme, jointly compiled with the help of Mike Martins from the Winchester Hat Fair Festival. Original performances, a Wednesday for children and their parents, the famous Atelier 231 cuisine, with genuine Fish and Chips for the occasion, short as well as longer performances, not to mention surprises, concocted by our Master of Ceremonies, Fred Tousch, disguised as Mr. Royal.
And then an “Promenade des Anglais” illuminated by Carabosse, then cut in two by the tightrope walker Didier Pasquette and his assistant Tina Clay, rocked by a few captivating English companies who rival with their inventiveness and sense of humour.

With Fish and Chips with English Sauce, The Atelier 231 is anchoring a new powerful event at Sotteville-lès-Rouen that suitably complements those already existing.

Fish and Chips, an event on a European scale, both multi-disciplinary and very friendly, groups together English and French companies to encourage, incite and enhance wonderful encounters and a mingling of audiences…

A new appointment in the street to celebrate together.

Daniel Andrieu Directeur de l’Atelier 231

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