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Fish&Chips : shiver... with pleasure !

mardi 8 février 2011 , par Valérie Gooch

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Mastoc Production – "Embruns de lune" : a shower of light in the urban night

The show "Embruns de Lune" from French company Mastoc Production was commissioned by the street-arts festival "Folies et fantaisies" in Châtillon (92) in September 2008. On the Promenade des Anglais, three performers dressed in coats made of lights draw attention. Karine Kermin, Vincent Gillois and Antoine Mahaut stroll amongst the spectators with slowness and delicacy. If you meet their eyes, one of them may approach you and gently put their hands on your ears...and a poem is whispered. Then you dive into a poetic, delicate, surprising, sensual, moving and intimate world. Let the light guide you... you won’t regret it !

Rimski - "Rimski’s bicycle piano" : Long is the road....

Three-part stroll-along show, performed by Oliver Cumming (Rimski) and Miranda la Mutanta (Violet), "Rimski’s bicyle piano" is a musical wandering along the treacherous path of life, in a cabaret style accompanied with original songs. At 6.30pm, they meet, at 8pm, they love each other and at 9.30pm, they separate. And even if Violet dumpped him, setting his piano on fire, Rimski drives on for pastures new, his slightly rocky voice following his path...

Plungeboom - "The Vegetable Nannies" : the art of smiles-picking

Created in 2006, Plungeboom, a Manchester-based company, have been performing various small-scale family friendly interactive acts. "The Vegetable Nannies" is one of them. Two Nannies wheel a pram full of ’resting’ baby vegetables, that they proudly present the audience, asking them to look after them. This is how some spectactors bottle-fed Barbara, a two month baby watermelon, while others soothed quadruplets bananas, or comforted two red pepper brothers, all to the audience’s enjoyment and cheerfulness. Do we not say that "being happy is knowing how to cultivate one’s garden" ?

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings - "Cod Choir" : Oh my Cod !

Since 1984, the Grand Theatre of Lemmings’outdoors or indoors shows have been performed worldwide. Humor is at the heart of each of their appearances. With Bob and Franck, the two fish from "Cod Choir" roaming in their fishermen’s arms, the atmosphere is frankly fun between nautical jokes and maritime songs.

Larkin About - "Granny Turismo" : simply irresistible !

You can not walk along the Promenade des Anglais without noticing Betty, Marge and Mary’s presence. First because you can hear them arriving from far away, and second because it is the world’s unique trio of dancers on shopping trolleys ! These ladies, each in their own style, will know how to seduce you with their cheeky moves and groovy tunes, so no choice for you but following them ! But watch out, because they rock and roll !

Hocus Pocus - « "The Tuttle Twins", "Edwardian ladies", "Sauna for the brave", "Visit the gypsy and the mermaid in the boudoir" : they did it !

Hocus Pocus is a young British company whose shows mix cabaret, comedy and parody with colourful characters, pushing away the boundaries between performers and spectators. For the Fish&Chips festival, they created a beautifully decorated boudoir in a warm, friendly and a tiny bit naughty atmosphere, in which they invited the bravest in a night-sauna session. What a success ! Participants came out all chilled out, with a feeling of well-being and a wide smile on their faces. Later in the evening, at about 11.30pm in the same boudoir, people could meet the mermaid and the gypsy, two characters from their show "Sideshow of Curiosities", programmed last year at the OutThere festival in Great Yarmouth.

Photos : Sylvain Marchand

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