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Generik Vapeur at Out There Festival 2012


lundi 24 septembre 2012 , par Sarah James

Standing like a silent guardian over the seafront, Generik Vapeur’s Omni X was visible for literally miles as you approached Great Yarmouth and the performance site.

Over 9000 people crowded into St Nicholas car park with palpable excitement. As the giant iron figure’s head rotated and a beacon illuminated the night sky ; the crowd hushed and the show began. 50 minutes of awe inspiring spectacle and atmospheric music followed. With a live rock soundtrack, the stage was set for some astounding theatre. The spectacular aerial work, including the ethereal pterodactyl and mighty Titanic, brought the biggest response from the crowd. The beautifully rendered projections brought the iron figure to life and even the humble cardboard box was transformed into dramatic spectacle.

Half way through the show, as the band played ‘Tea for Two’, twelve local participants got the chance to join the show, as they helped in the British tradition of serving tea.

An incredible pyrotechnic finale was received by a very appreciative crowd – a massive ‘thank you’ to Generik Vapeur from the whole of Great Yarmouth !

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