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“Hamlet in 30 minutes” from BruitQuiCourt in Bacqueville-en-caux – Friday 27th July

jeudi 26 juillet 2012 , par auteur Sylvain Marchand (traduction Cécile Babin)

trad article traduction [English] [français]

Hamlet in 30 minutes is NOT the title of a short guide about Shakespeare’s masterpiece designed for readers eager to learn (but in a hurry), but rather an interesting experience, for real !

So take 30 minutes of your time (or even slightly more) to attend a high-level literary sprint with this masterpiece of Elizabethan theatre. A race against time, but not against Shakespeare. A heresy from the company BruitQuiCourt, which injects a crazy and caustic humour while keeping an eye on the true story.

A show designed for the whole family where improvisation is required and the story is told in a sincere and playful way.

The shared ZEPA company BruitQuiCourt is programmed by Atelier 231 as part of the Tortill’art festival.

- Friday 27th July 2012 in Bacqueville-en-caux 9 pm - Place de la Mairie

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