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Hocus Pocus Theater presents ’All the fun of the fair !’

mardi 31 janvier 2012 , par Marie Bertel

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During the Thursday and Friday nights, many tried their luck at ’Hoopla’, ’Hook a duck’, ’the Coconut Shy’ and other fairground attractions, proposed by Hocus Pocus Theater.

Plenty of prizes won with the ’Hook a duck’, the ’Hoopla’ caused great hilarity and the coconuts literally flew !

The most courageous dared to enter inside the haunted sauna to warm up and to shudder ! We reassure you, everyone came out alive…

Ran by some unusual sideshow characters including the Gypsy, the Bearded Lady and the Stuntman, this British fete was a great opportunity for the audience to discover the magical and eccentric atmosphere of the fair...

Photos : Caroline Lelong

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