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Hocus Pocus Theatre : welcome to the world of curiosities

mercredi 22 septembre 2010 , par Valérie Gooch

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As part of the 3rd edition of Out There Festival in Great Yarmouth, Hocus Pocus Theatre, a collective of artists from Norwich created in 2008, presented its show Sideshow of Curiosities. A journey through a bizarre world, where each spectator, after stepping through the big velvet curtain that seems to be hiding everything that is going on behind, is invited, according to the color of his admission ticket, by a peculiar host to share, for a short space of time, their surreal world. Then, alternatively, the spectator is invited to change host, passing from the gypsy to the bearded lady and other unusual encounters, accompanied with sounds that contributes to the strange atmosphere which reigns in the place, until the ultimate encounter, no doubt the most surreal of all... Come in and be amazed, you will not believe your eyes !

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