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In the meantime...the conversation between the two associate companies

mardi 27 avril 2010 , par Mathilde Vautier

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As Générik Vapeur is programmed as part of the Z’arts Up festival, Welsh company Nofitstate made the most of it and the two companies met for a short but incredibly interesting conversation...

Two hours is a short time, especially when the artistic directors of two companies from two different countries get together and discuss a project they both work on, like ZEPA in this case.

But the connection was really interesting, between Pierre Berthelot and Caty Avram, Générik Vapeur’s co-Artistic Directors, and Tom Rack and Ali Williams, Nofitstate’s co-Artistic Directors with Orit Azaz, the company’s Artistic Director specifically on the ZEPA project.

The two companies exchanged about their experiences of their visits to all the ZEPA partners, and the first ideas and concepts it triggered, about the way they work and more broadly about their journeys and experiences within each country’s cultural context.

The conversation, rich and unpredicted, will undoubtedly continue through the journey each company will experience with the network.

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