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Ka-dunk-a-junk from Hotch Potch by Hannah Utley, volunteers coordinator in Hat Fair

lundi 16 juillet 2012 , par Hannah Utley

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On Winchester High Street, a crowd begins to form around six silver-painted figures – as one smiley young-faced member dances to the percussive music of her clan.

At first the crowd seem bewildered. The girl dances away with her addictive grin and they begin to laugh and relax. All the while – the rest of her clan watch their dancer with an expression of increasing disapproval.

As the audience enjoy this bizarre reaction – the dancer becomes aware of the clan’s watchful gaze. Sheepishly she glances back at them, slows down her dance and slowly edges away from her peers. Then, in perfect sync the silver-painted folk pick up their rhythm as they continue on with their procession down the street.

Left behind, a buzz of united perplexity and amusement runs through the crowd. Eyes meet, grins are exchanged and a collective familiarity evolves. This is the wonder of Street Art – in the bizarre world of the silver-painted clan of Ka-Dunk-A-Dunk, music is used as the main means of communication to attract and entertain.

Photos : Vincent Le Goascoz (left) and Tristan Cummings (right)

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