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Kiki and Pascal - Magician required !

vendredi 6 août 2010 , par Julien Mazé , Sylvain Marchand (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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If you hope to see an original number ever performed in the world of Magic… then, you should pass your way. Kiki and Pascal are not the successors of the famous couple David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer. Here, we trifle with clichés of the « great illusionists » to better shake with laughter.

On one side there is Pascal : English and magician, a 80’s hair cut electrified in 220 Volts, who tries by all means to keep the control of the show without making a success of all that he undertakes.

On the other side, Kiki : Australian and Pascal’s assistant, a flashy pink appearance like « Punky Brewster » adult. She takes her role more in dilettante but quickly incurs the public’ sympathy because, contrary to Pascal, her numbers work !

These two illusionists fight like cat and dog, playing a dangerous game where the stake is sometimes death…

The humor is caustic also - not to say « English » - as during Kiki’s death, Pascal will quickly dissipate his sadness by recruiting, at the drop of a hat, a new assistant in the public.

The retort will not be waited. Some minutes later, Kiki will offer a languishing embrace to her new partner taken at random in the public (who is no other than the husband of her furtive replacement) under the powerless eyes of the lashed and gagged magician.

Another big moment of the show : the aborted attempt of levitation ! This number should, in theory, dissuade every friendly parents to hire them for their offspring’s birthday party.

For 45 minutes, the duet trifle with clichés taking mimes of square magicians on Mambo and Hammond kitsh organ music. The public feels sympathy for the relation of this two opposite characters. The adults, as well as the children enjoy, smile at their lips, expecting the next joke. You will have understood it, Kiki and Pascal will not make an elephant disapear for you but guarantee you to spend a very good moment.


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