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mercredi 6 juin 2012 , par Simon Le Doaré

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Kitschnette - ’On passe à table’

At a table outside a café, the audience is placed in a semi-circle, packed, there are a lot a children. A table, two chairs, that’s it. A woman is becoming angry : she tries to speak to someone, on the other side of the semi-circle. She murmurs first, but then her voice starts to become louder, tense.

“I don’t understand a word you’re saying ! Are you such and idiot ? You’re too far, I can’t hear you !”.

The tension increases, but we don’t exactly understand why.

“Stop pretending, I CAN’T HEAR YOU !”

The audience is wondering : somebody is really getting angry ? Is that an actress ? Perhaps they have a technical issue ?

“What do you want to tell me !? Come closer then, I can’t obviously, there are children everywhere !!!”.

They shout. Suddenly, they both cross the crowd and meet in the center of the playspace, just in front of the table, face to face, separated by a few centimeters. This will lead to an expressive argue, with a lot a humour (black humour sometimes), until they realise they are watched by the audience... They apologie, and sit at the table.

The meal is then very lively, playing with the cutlery, the food, with a razor sharped humour, on a landscape of settling of scores and conjugal reconciliation. Our two actors end totally drenched, until the show reach its heigths, when it is asked to a spectator to empty a watering can on their heads while they share a long and deep kiss. The effect works, the appreciative audience is beaming.

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