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Dizzy O’ Dare presents : The Last Apothecary at Rochester

mardi 19 juin 2012 , par Cécile Babin

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Two characters dressed on Victorian costumes are entering the Rochester Castle Gardens. A man is on a bike pulling behind him a wooden chest. At the back, a woman is showing off her imposing posterior. With them, we go back in time when the apothecaries went to villages to sell drugs and medicines to patients. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this man and this woman are not passers-by like you and me ; they are the last two apothecaries ! Both characters are walking to a small group of picnickers who divert their attention from their sandwiches when the man announces : "I am Floggit Catch the last apothecary !” As good professionals, Floggit and his assistant Scarper start consulting. At the slightest abnormality its solution, the two apothecaries will prescribe the best medicine : laughter !

When the two healers eventually open the doors of their secret safe : we discover the equipment of the perfect apothecary ... or rather the perfect quack ! With them we are attending a culinary anatomy lesson and a consultation close to a farce of Molière. Best of all, the two hucksters are asking for help several small assistants for an intensive bandage workshop on patients certainly delighted to participate.

It is time for Floggit and Scarper to go, but ... Be quiet ! Our two friends would like to leave as quietly as possible to avoid arousing any suspicion. After all they are not doing anything wrong, laughter never killed anyone !

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