Larkin About

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Granny Turismo
- Programmed at : Out There Festival (Great Yarmouth) in 2010 ; Fish & Chips (Sotteville-lès-Rouen), Z’Arts Up (Béthune), La St Gorgon (Canteleu), La Fête dans la Ville (Amiens), Jeudis du port (Brest) in 2011 ; Fuse Medway Festival, Confluences Nomades and Peterborough Arts Festival in 2012

The Electroglide Angels
- Diffusion : Hat Fair (Winchester) en 2008

Since 2000, Larkin About have built a reputation for original and well crafted interactive performance. They have created a wide range of comic characters, mainly on stilts and with funny costumes.

Their latest show, Granny Turismo, sees 3 groovy nannies dogging it on their peculiar shopping trolleys full of surprises.

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