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Les Alama’s Givrés

Street theatre - France

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Le Pic de Hubert
- Performed at : Great Yarmouth (2008), Brighton Festival and Viva Cité (2009)

Formation incognito
- Performed at : Z’ArtsUp (Béthune), Fête dans la ville (Amiens) and Le FAR de Morlaix in 2010.

Laurent Desflèches and Patrick Dordoigne have created Les Alama’s givrés in 1992. Based in Ile de France, they enjoy a national and international reputation.

The company has asserted its burlesque style with two main creations : La Trilogie des castelets (1992-2000) and Manèges d’Aventures (2001-2007).

In total, eight years were dedicated to work on the first creation made up of 3 parts : Aventures de Raoul Moil’Sel, Toubib or not Toubib and Givropolis.

Drawing its inspiration from the world of fairground rides, the company launched its second creation, Manèges d’Aventures with the Rabbiton family, in 2001.

In the first episode, a Pirogue appeared on the River Tarmac, an invitation to a journey into the urban imagination, another crazy way of reading and looking at our disenchanted cities !

In 2004, the second merry-go-round plunged us into a new quest across the city’s streets in a very free adaptation of Don Quixote, Cervantes’ masterpiece.

2007 saw the company’s come back with the third episode of the trilogy, Le Pic de Hubbert  : natural resources are at an all-time low and the planet is down to its very last litre of petrol. Thankfully, the Rabbiton family is here to save all of humanity.

In parallel, they are regularly involved in special events : Viva Cité festival opening at Sotteville-lès-Rouen in 1996 and 2008, participation in the Transe Express Company’s project « ROUE-AGES » during the year 2000’s festivities at the Champs Elysées, etc.

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