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Passage désemboîté
- Diffusion : Fête dans la ville (Amiens) en 2008 ; Hat Fair (Winchester) en 2011

- Diffusion : Fête dans la ville (Amiens), Viva Cité (Sotteville-lès-Rouen) en 2011

Created in 1997, by the juggler Martin Schwietzke and the musician Jérôme Tchouhadjian, the Les Apostrophés company acts in the field of juggled theatre and in a broader perspective in relation with all circus and street arts and performances, dance, theatre and music.

The company’s creations, even if they all have a strong attachment to the object (juggled or handled), have also been thought out to fit very different locations and audiences. This diversity allowed the performances to be seen in the streets as well as municipality halls or on the national stages of France, large theatres and festivals throughout Europe, Asia or South America.

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Hat Fair - Passage désemboîté (2011)

Passage désemboîté - Hat Fair (2011)

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Amiens - Fête dans la Ville

Atelier 231 - Vivacité, Sotteville

Hat Fair

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