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Looking for Love at the Out There Festival !

mercredi 6 octobre 2010 , par David Jones , Jean-Marie Grall , Jean-Michel Grall

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The Great Dave

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What could be more English than tea ? The Great Dave’s obsession with the national drink reached new heights as he made use of his juggling skills to impress the tea drinking nation. With great accuracy, he can kick a saucer, followed by cups and eventually a spoon all onto the top of his head to the applause of the crowd. Impressive enough, he then repeats this remarkable feat whilst on a unicycle !

Shirlee Sunflower

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Shirlee Sunflower was looking for love, and needed Great Yarmouth’s help in finding it ! She was searching for a husband while dressed in fluffy shorts, but men beware as she found three strong handsome candidates pulled from the crowd as her potential Mr Sunflowers to aid her in performing her acrobatic stunts. Shirlee’s appetite for men did not end there, as she chose six men to take part in the shows grand finale where she performs her leap of love that sees her jump from a five foot high table into the stretched arms of her chosen men, then into a strategically placed bucket of water ! While at the same time her new ‘husband’ shouted “Shirlee I love you !”

Kiki& Pascal

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The Kiki & Pascal show or the Pascal & Kiki show ? This married couple performed magic and illusions with a twist ! Never far from an argument, they are more like cat and mouse than husband and wife ! During their physical comedy and magic routine, they lock each other inside a Perspex box, perform a ‘hypnotism’, attempt a levitation, put each other inside a metal dustbin and Pascal is even taped to a chair !, all this while also performing some traditional magic tricks. Does their relationship survive ? Even after both recruiting new assistants, Kiki & Pascal are reunited and the act remains as the Kiki & Pascal show, Pascal gives Kiki a new pink wand and Kiki exclaims “I love you !”


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