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Magmanus : they will stop at nothing !

mercredi 23 mai 2012 , par Cécile Babin

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Yitzhak Rabin Square

**7:45 pm

Our English friends from StopGAP Dance Company have just taken a bow that the spectators are rushing at the benches located in the other side of the square. They know that if they do not want to miss a second of the show while being comfortably seated they have to come a bit early.

**8 pm

Everyone is at ease : some people have already started their burgers/fries, others are talking about the shows they have seen during the day, kids are wriggling looking for the best seat. That is when the music starts announcing the arrival of our two cheery fellows, the giant juggler and the small acrobat. The name of the first one, dressed all in blue is Magnus Bjøru, the man in green is called Manu Tiger, hence the name of their company and show Magmanus !

Soon, we make the two characters out : Magnus has everything of the Norwegian composure ; he does not understand everything or pretend he does not to annoy his mate Manu. The second one is nervous, he runs and jumps everywhere and would like that his mate Magnus understands a little faster. The contrast is hilarious.

They have more than one string to their bow : seesaw, juggling, acrobatics, they even try to dance.

Suddenly, they decide that a third fellow is missing or rather a pretty girl to flirt with in the audience. She is not sure but she does not have the choice, she has to join her two new friends on stage. By accepting to wear a blue mini-skirt and a green boa she also becomes a ’Magmanus’. But she soon has to make a difficult choice between her two new suitors who pull all the stops out : flowers, romantic table and good wine.

Before becoming a real ’Magmanus’, she has to prove herself on the seesaw. The reward worth it, she is the one who will judge the show until the end ! Our two clowns will show themselves from their best side to seduce the lady and the audience. They are ready to do everything, even to be scantily dressed !


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