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Mai des Arts en Pays de Morlaix

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Initiated by Morlaix Communauté and the National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau, le Mai des Arts du Pays de Morlaix is a journey in the heart of the 28 councils of the community. Shows creation and artists residencies as close to inhabitants, times for meetings and conviviality are, since 2001, the ingredients of le Mai des Arts success.

In France, and now accross the Channel, thanks to the European network ZEPA, le Mai des Arts is often quoted as an example of performing arts’ circulation and of cultural development at the level of a region. From the seaside to the inside of the lands, from the smallest village to the centre town of Morlaix on the occasion of the summer FAR, the Street Theatre in le Pays de Morlaix gathers and transports artists and inhabitants into a journey of artistic feelings.

More information about Le Mai des Arts en Pays de Morlaix here.

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