Mario Queen of Le Verger

Nobody loves Queen more than me !

vendredi 6 août 2010 , par Maria Xavier (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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The artist associated to the conception of the project, Gérard Burattini and his « Illustre Famille », as well as the artists invited in le Verger : Jane Allan, D’Irque & Fien, Presque Siamoises, Pascal Tourain, Albedo, Claude Merle, Gilles Dubocquet, and within the framework of the European network ZEPA (European Zone for Artistic Projects), the English artist Mario Queen of the Circus, are going to bring you in an imaginary world, a world where we still have the right to live in a dream.

Under a beautiful sun, the public of Les Vieilles Charrues and the one used to Street Arts wait for Mario Queen of the Circus. In front of spectators conquered beforehand by Rock music, one has got to keep one’s head cool. You want a lot of juggling ? This is what Mario brings and gives to his public : the fascinating universe of juggling.

The public is present, as dense as enthuastic, charmed by the juggler virtuosity : five balls, five bludgeons in his hands with the sound of Queen’s music. We face the whole universe of Freddy Mercury. Charm and seduction game, leather cap on his head, studded belt, Mario take his public out of breath. The glorious feat works. But, where is he going to bring us to ?!?

Not only he is a juggler, but he is also an acrobat. On his unicycle, he would like to bring his attractive Caroline chosen in the public. On Mario’s shoulders, Caroline is going to make her first lap."It is the first time of Caroline says Mario with his French accent, she is very nervous, I can not see her but I can feel her". Dilemma, Caroline is another man’s wife and this man is going to defy Mario in a « banana duel ». The fight starts and touched right in the heart by a piece of banana, Mario falls, and then, overcome with sadness, his opponent cries his regrets « Mama, just killed a man ». The whole show and the final itself is a tribute to Freddy Mercury : Mario Queen is carried at arm’s length by a delirious crowd as Freddy Mercury would if he had come to Les Vieilles Charrues.

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