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NoFit State Circus : first meetings with local groups and residents in Béthune

jeudi 25 novembre 2010 , par Mathilde Vautier

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"Can we take part if we’re under 14 ?", "What’s the level of involvement required for our gymnastics group members ?", "So, when are we building this Barricade ?!"...were some of the questions asked to company NoFit State Circus during their first meeting with the Mont-Liébaut community, in Béthune, on Tuesday 23rd November.

About fifty people attended, from residents association members to reps from various sports and activities groups or local residents, attended NoFit State’s presentation of the project the company will be developing in Béthune, in partnership with Culture Commune and Béthune Town Council. A wide community engagement program is planned, including 10 days of residency in the area prior to the performance on 20th May and various workshops and sessions between Januray and May.

A wide range of people will be able to get involved : groups practising an activity at a high level of skills (gymnastics, boxing, music, etc.) ; individuals willing to learn new circus and fire skills ; those who can help on various aspects of the project and anybody eager to attend public rehearsals and chat to the artists through the « Open house » sessions.

Two days in Béthune, a dozen groups to meet (practising disciplines from Taichindo to hip hop, circus skills and many more) then 24h in Amiens with local groups and a meeting with the circus skills school... quite a packed program, but that is what the company was looking forward to : "that people feed our artistic process with their passions, their motivations and their stories", according to Orit Azaz, project Artistic Director for the company.

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