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NoFitstate’s ZEPA adventure continues...

dimanche 28 mars 2010 , par Mathilde Vautier

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Images, conversations and emotions are what Ali Williams and Orit Azaz took with them after a 4 day sites visit to the four French ZEPA partners.

The different conversations enabled the two members of NoFitState Circus to become familliar with the various places : in Sotteville, we talk about the spirit of Vivacité and the activities developed by Atelier 231. The eyes sparkle while visiting the creation centre : « So when do we start, next week ? , they smile.

In Amiens, it’s the NoFitState Circus’ family reunion, as around 40 members of the company are in residence for 3 weeks there to perform Tabù at the end of the week.

The architecural structure above Amiens train station does appeal to Ali and Orit, who were also very enthusiastic after the visit to the Circus school.

These site visits enabled each partner to get to know the Welsh company, their story, their journey, their approach ; company and partners also learnt a lot through interesting conversations on topicxs such as the artistic choices French artistic directors make, the creation support for street-arts companies or where street-arts and circus stand in the French arts and cultural policies for instance.

Short visit in Culture Commune (where Sian from Hat Fair briefly met us !) but very useful for Ali and Orit who dived into Culture Commune’s work with its local community, approach that Nofitstate is passionate about. Gosnay and its Carthusian monastry and Béthune (here in the Mont Liébaut area)were two of the visited places.

"It’s a full circle, says Orit as she arrives in Brest. We started our site visits in Southampton with the sea and the boats and finish on the same landscape and the same concepts in Brest !" The conversations lead both the partner and the company to agree that Générik Vapeur and NoFitstate, the two companies approached to be the ZEPA’s associate companies, should meet. Brest 2012, the big boats-get-together event held every four years in Brest, is also mentioned as a potential time for NoFitstate and/or the French company to be part of.

"These four days were fantastic in terms of collecting the information we need to start our artistic process, and we thank all the ZEPA partners for the brilliant welcome we’ve had all along !" says Ali.

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