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vendredi 25 mai 2012 , par Simon Le Doaré

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Tilted - ’Seesaw’

In a bucolic atmosphere, at the « Gare de l’eau », a water park in Béthune, Tilted Productions proposes eight short pieces, about our relationship to water.

The first scene lets us see a one to one meal, partly on the music of « Jaws ». The dancers work here on revisiting everyday life movements, those movements we do to set the table, open a suitcase or a sardine box, or serve wine. The relationship to water is suggested by colored liquids, wine and sardines juice, the dancers will finish the piece covered in these liquids. The choreography is very written, probably the most written of these short pieces, movements are precise, often performed in unison, and the overall is very dynamic. Full of humour, this first sequence lets us enter the Seesaw universe, to appreciate in a more accurate way the next scenes.

The second piece is based on plastic bottles. Or, how to distort the human body with plastic bottles. Enlonged-harms or over-muscular being glide slowly, triggering unlikely meetings, until the final fight of the titans.

Two of these bottled dancers lead us along a road, to the next stage.

We are now in front of 3 dancers coated with a black oiled liquid a bit disgusting, which makes immediately think at seagulls victims of oil slick. We attend a distressing choreography, touching, a struggle to stay standing. Our birds won’t last long, they are soon covered by a plastic wave, until then totally stop to move.

Then a transitional piece, shorter than the others, a dancer wearing a deep-sea diving suit glide slowly, as if he was in the water, to progressively write on a wall « listen to the shells ».

And a little further, we can actually listen into shells hanging along a guardrail. We can hear the sea of course, and, thanks to headphones placed into the shells, we are also able to hear a poetic text, introducing the next piece which has already began on the other side of the lake. Two dancers, a lifesaver and a megaphone. The interpreters dance on the other side of the little lake, we see them a bit far, playing with their objects, giving them a new life, an other purpose than the one they have a priori.

After an other move, we can see a rock moving, carried by two dancers, to end on a sea of grass. Dancers take places in duets, playing with limits : they mustn’t fall from the rock. It is like their « Raft of the Medusa ». They push each other, keep themselves back, all in sensitivity exchanges, weight transfers and play with limits.

A new wave of dancers comes, whereas the rock goes away. Everybody is here, with old-school red lifesavers. A collective choreography, synchronized, on a large space, as marooned, lift by the lifesavers, try to escape the drowning, though here it is a green sea, where the waves are blade of grass. They finally dig this sea and plunge, head first into this holes, creating the image of a stationary fall, never-ending.

The last scene hits the subject more directly since the point is to immerse a dancer in a tub half full of water. A careful approach, a discovery of water with her limbs first, then the head, until she immerse her entire body, and watch us through the water and the transparent side of the tub.

A poetic piece, offering several way of reading, which deals with its subject always by various aspects, in a really nice bucolic atmosphere. An submersion all in all.

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