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« Picnic on the bridge » at Relecq-Kerhuon

mercredi 28 mars 2012 , par Jean-Marie Grall , Marine Lecoutour , Sophie Stankovitch (Traduction  Marie Bertel)

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On Sunday 11th September – 12:32pm – on the Albert Louppe’s Bridge

On Sunday 11th September at 12:32pm : the ZEPA picnic “on the Bridge” started with the arrival of a British taxi straight out of London.

Drove by Michel Thomas, Kerhorre citizen, this beautiful blue taxi carried on board Yohann Nedelec, Mayor of Relecq-Kerhuon, Dina Venezia, Town Councillor of Relecq-Kerhuon, as well as Ken Fanning and Tina Segner, the two Irish-Swedish artists from the Tumble Circus company, wearing a Brittany fisherman’s hat. It’s time for picnic and theatre !

Next comes the second surprise of this fifth and last picnic of the 2011 summer : The Photographers of the British company Strangelings. Dressed in Victorian style clothes, the two “so British” photographers, Henry Burns et George Entwhistle offer the audience a special photo session. Dressed up in English Lord, in tsar, in lady or in sailor of the XIX’s century, these ’gentlemen-photographers’ shot the astonished audience, who left delighted with their picture of this moment out of time...

12h52 12:52pm Small variations on the Bridge – ’The picnic comes to life’ by the Têtdici Têtdailleurs company.

’On the Bridge’, the celebrations are in full swing ! Everyone brings their coolbox and basket, filled with culinary treasures to share. For this occasion, the weather decided to remain calm. It’s a gift !

But who is appearing on the Bridge ? Maria ? Yes, here she is, as a bunch of flowers, in rose from the trolley to the earphones, with an amazing folding chair, very useful for the occasion…She smiles walking around without discretion in the middle of tables and benches. She sits down among guests and friends –tradition oblige- and talks. Ignoring the conventions, she sits at the table. She introduces herself, blows kisses and shakes hands. A little bit surprised, the guests host this unpredictable and unexpected guest. Between two French fries and her ’made in UK’ hamburger, Maria seems to be a little bit busy ! That’s because she is revising the irregular English verbs with the “Assimil” method in her earphones.

She repeats and asks the audience to repeat it back out loud : ’to eat, ate, eaten... but tell me Roger, your face does not seem unfamiliar...’ She manages to create a complicity with the audience. The closed faces opened, laughters come from all sides, the audience is having a good time...For the final, she asks everyone at the table to stand and to sing with their arms raised in the air. Everyone is happy to be involved. But she is ready to leave, ready for a new adventure, for a new variation...somewhere else at another table. ’Nice to meet you Maria, and see you soon !’,enchantés d’avoir fait ta connaissance Maria et à bientôt !

At 2:33pm, everyone gathers to attend the acrobatic and burlesque show of the Strangelings. Two strangely dressed characters appear wearing oversized shoes. They take off the first layer of clothing …to appear in cyclist’s clothes from the 50’s-60’s. Far from David Millar, Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx or Cadel Evans, looking rather like casual sportspersons, they start a performance of acrobatic tandem then a second strip-tease and dress up in undershirts and wool underpants they start a burlesque show...The strip-teases and actions follow on until the ‘Grand Game’ ! A unexpected show bursting the audience into laughter.

3:15pm Change of play area, we discover Tumble Circus : the sexy Ken from Belfast (Boum) and Tina from Sweden, ‘folding like an Ikea table’. On a ‘ I love you, neither I’ background, they provide a show oscillating between performance and humor. From the rope to houla hoop to end with a stunning finale with a trapeze, between moments of humor, Tina Machina and Ken Evil offer real circassian performances. It is an amazing show, in all simplicity.

4:16pm... An invitation to dance by…. Eostiged ar Stangala

It is time to welcome the witch from Trequefellec… many people came to tell us that story. A subtle mix of traditions, songs, imaginaries’ sublimations in a familiar, far and near at the same time beyond. The groups of dancers move, gather, mix, creating and breaking twirling round dances. Everything seems to oppose them, distinguish them : costumes, origins, age…but relations did develop among them : fear, love, madness and holy… Feet which are sometimes heavy sometimes light, fly, chant and hit with their full force the ground of their invisible and mysterious ancestors. Skirts swirl, eyes shine, rhythms accelerate and calm down throughout History which passes before our eyes. Surrealism… West Side Story revisited under the Paris sky…

Mirage of dance halls on the banks of the Marne…and of dark Celtic woods… Chaos of characters…aviators, goblins, elves, ‘titis parisiens’, the upper crust… Superimposition of worlds against a backdrop of magic… The witch makes a mockery of the death : bounding, she delivers her final battle in the middle of couples already paired up. They are transformed, angels or demons, pleased to be invited to this heroic fantasy…for this last picnic.

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