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Pressure company (The)

Improvised Entertainment Devices - England / Manchester

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- Programmed at : Hat Fair in 2009 ; Fish & Chips #3 in 2011

The Tonefloat is one of the musical contraptions on which Jon Large (Ingénieur & Fabricator) and associates have been working over the past while.


« It’s some kind of music box, some kind of robot, some kind of machine… »

Called by some the « Crazy Disco on Wheels », whilst referred to by others as « ..that Damned racket », Tonefloat is a mutant/hybrid of glass xylophone and bottle organ.

Originally commissioned by Walk the Plank for the ’Art Car Parade’, ( where it won the People’s Prize Award) Tonefloat is played at festivals and events right across the UK, and took it’s first trip to the continent in 2011 to the Fish & Chips festival in Sotteville-Lès-Rouen.

Photo : Tonefloat - Fish & Chips #3 (2011)

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