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Public rehearsal for ‘The Strongman’ from Bash Street Theatre

mardi 24 avril 2012 , par auteur Emeline Jersol , Jean-Marie Grall (traduction Cécile Babin)

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On Wednesday 28th March, around 150 young and old alike attended the public rehearsal of The Strongman from the British company Bash Street Theatre in the courtyard of the Patronage Laïque du Pilier Rouge, Brest. This very first rehearsal of The Strongman is the result of one week and a half of residence at Le Fourneau. Some details are still not settled here and there but the most important was there !

Drawing its inspiration from the silent movies of the 20’s, this show plunges us into a travelling circus world. Looking for a strong man, a greedy director and his daughter from a small circus, meet a vagrant. The vagrant and the young lady will quickly become infatuated with each other and try to escape with the money stolen by the director.

Combining all the codes of a silent film : live music, body expressions close to mime, written indications on panels, The Strongman has succeeded in bringing together all the generations around the show. From chases at a slow pace to tricks and acrobatics, the Bash Street Theatre presents a show in black and white… highly colourful !

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