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Public rehearsal for ‘Waterlitz’ from Générik Vapeur !

jeudi 26 avril 2012 , par auteur Marie Bertel

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On the Saturday 21st April 2012 at 9pm took place the public rehearsal for Waterlitz from the French company Générik Vapeur, at the Cité des Arts de la rue. Proposed, as part of the ZEPA network, Waterlitz will be presented in 2012 in the nine ZEPA areas.

For the French premiere, meet at Béthune on the Saturday 12th May as part of the street arts festival Z’Arts Up. For the UK premiere, meet at the Brighton Festival on the Saturday 26th May.

Find all the dates of Waterlitz in the ’Calendar’ section of this website.

In the meantime, to get a preview of the show, find below some pictures of the rehearsal :

Photos : Jean-Pierre Estournet

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