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SeaChange Arts Sarah James shares her impressions

jeudi 25 mars 2010 , par Aurelien Marteaux , Sarah James

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She came to Carhaix to attend the show Générik Vapeur ’s Bivouac and the involvement of local people in the show. Sarah James, Programme Manager for Seachange Arts in Great Yarmouth, tells us about her impressions on the work of the French company associated to the ZEPA network.

"For Seachange Arts and members of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, seeing the rehearsals and performance of Bivouac first hand was invaluable. We all learnt a lot about the technical needs of the show, how the volunteers are trained and then choreographed into the final performance as well as understanding more about the type of journey and length of route the performers would use.

We all came back to England really excited about the possibilities of showing Bivouac for the first time in Great Yarmouth and how we can plan to ensure full support of the national and local press as well as the local community.

Generik Vapeur were very generous with their time in allowing the Seachange team access to rehearsals and back stage and members of Seachange even appeared in the final show ! "

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