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Simon Le Doaré, ZEPA 2 work placement, looks back on his experience and brings up his futur projects

vendredi 10 août 2012 , par Cécile Babin , Mathilde Vautier (Traduction  Cécile Babin, Mathilde Vautier)

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On July 12th 2012, Simon Le Doaré, student in Master 2 in European Project Management at the Brest University lived his last day as ZEPA 2 work placement.

Simon spent three months at Le Fourneau, Brest and then three months at Hat Fair, one of the UK partners of the project based in Winchester : "I appreciated the support and guidance from the partners where I was based" says the young man originally from Brest. Simon was also hosted by all the ZEPA partners.

In addition to its formal mission (participate in the development of ZEPA 2, particularly in the construction of a charter between the ZEPA partners and partners based on their territories), he was able to be involved in the DañsFabrik project in Brest, to be a ZEPA writer as well as an intermediary between Hat Fair and the French associated company Générik Vapeur.

The experience was truly rewarding”, these are the first words of Simon when he is asked to give feedback on these past six months within the European zone of artistic projects. He explains : "It opened my eyes to the complexity of a cross-border partnership : working together is not that easy ! It was all the more interesting to see the projects to be built ... and then to be realized eventually" he said, referring particularly to the show Waterlitz from Générik Vapeur."It also opened up new horizons, through the meetings I have done in my internship, with artists, academics, etc..." he adds.

Back home in Brest, he is now working on his Master’s thesis regarding the following question : Do Interreg / European projects and programs provide a satisfactory answer to the lack of European cultural policy ?

His plans for the future ? "I was comforted in the fact that I want to continue my artistic projects [Simon is a musician as well as a director], while working on specific tasks on specific types of projects such as the ZEPA one." A word to the wise is enough…

Photo : Simon Le Doaré, Caroline Raffin and Claude Morizur from Le Fourneau - Auditions organised as part of DañsFabrik to involve volunteers in the Willi Dorner’s performance Bodies in Urban Spaces

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