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StopGap Dance Company

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- Programmed at : Fête dans la ville (Amiens) in 2011, Z’Arts Up (Béthune) + Les Z’ailleurs in 2012

StopGAP Dance Company is the UK’s leading integrated dance company, working with disabled and non-disabled professionals. Since 1995, the company has unparalleled experience in integrated dance and tours nationally and internationally. They perform their professional creations in venues and at street arts festival.

StopGAP offers two Continued Professional Development Programmes — Integrated Dance and Choreography and Inclusive Dance Teaching.

Tracking - Les Z’Ailleurs (2012)

Tracking is a relentless race through the City of London, observing our British eccentricity, sense of invention and support for the beloved underdog. Never fear, StopGAP is here and despite the odds they will save the day !

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Amiens - Fête dans la Ville

Culture Commune - Z’Arts Up, Béthune

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