Strange Happenings in St Georges Park !

jeudi 22 septembre 2011 , par David Jones

Plunge Boom- Troll’s Kitchen

The interactive installation Troll’s Kitchen was located within the catering village of the festival park, but this magical kitchen wasn’t offering food to humans, they were busy cooking up a meal for a hungry troll !

Taking inspiration from fairy tales and using children’s imagination and love of cooking, Plunge Boom’s professional troll chefs Jean-Luc and Giselle were looking for small trainee troll chefs to cook for a hungry troll who had been sighted in St Georges Park. A hungry troll is trouble and the signs he has been close by are all around so the young audience were invited to cook the troll a three-course meal in the kitchen using his favourite revolting ingredients- stones, weeds, grass and twigs.

The small chefs and their families were sent out into the park with their Red Riding survival kit to collect the items to make a tasty troll’s meal and using special magic ingredients from Trolls Kitchen, such as the beard of black beard the pirate the trainee chefs are able to prepare a meal fit for a troll and tasty troll treats like cow pat cake !

Graduating from Troll’s Kitchen the finished troll’s meal was left in the fridge for the troll to enjoy later and the little chefs were left delighted they have fed the troll and prevented him from causing more havoc in their park !

Stuff & Things- Audiobscura

The presence of a hungry troll wasn’t the only thing to take festival-goers by surprise in St Georges Park. Stuff & Things ‘Audiobscura’ had people stopping in their tracks as they were interacting with a mysterious door, hearing voices coming from inside a Royal Mail post-box, a talking lamppost and the sounds of a train, a whale and a cat coming from down the drains ! Blurring the imaginary with reality, the Audiobscura installations were set up all over the park ready to catch you unaware !

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