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T’es qui toi ?/Le Collectif des Galériens

Alter ego

mardi 10 juillet 2012 , par Stéphanie Bescond (Traduction  Cécile Babin)

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On the occasion of La Fête dans la Ville, Le Collectif des Galériens, made up of some talents from the Arts Faculty of the University Jules Verne (Picardie), met the audience with its first street show : T ’es qui toi ?

Impressed but delighted. These are the first reactions of the four members of Le Collectif des Galériens after their last performance. With their show T’es qui toi ? young performers (two actors and two musicians) question the audience directly : "Through this performance, I want to show that a few seconds are enough to know the other one. The two characters, two borderline women, will meet through dance" says Barbara Papamiltiadou, student at the Arts Faculty.

The street is the only scenery. "We wanted to start from nothing, just with passers-by" says Barbara. The first ones stop and find a woman traumatized by life who takes refuge in childhood. "She could get out of a cartoon or a psychiatric hospital", develops Melissa Papamiltiadou, embodying the woman child actress. The public then gets to know another woman, this time, pretty drunk. "She has the look of a party-woman with her ripped tights and questions the audiences who discover a woman with existential questions" says Barbara. They are two marginal persons, alternately fragile and strong, who eventually meet through dance. "I wanted to start from the body. I find interesting the expression of the body in public space" says the student. Their eyes meet, it’s time to exchange. The truth.

Then both turn to the public. Who are you ? They ask to everyone. Bystanders play the game and discussions arise. “This could last for hours”, Barbara enthuses. “We discussed the show, their impressions ... I did not think it would be such a rich interaction !”. A promising first meeting...

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