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The Insect Circus Museum

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Insect Circus Museum
- Diffusion : Fuse Medway Festival, Hat Fair and Out There International Festival of Street Arts and Circus in 2009 ; Fish & Chips #1 and Fête dans la Ville in 2010 ; Confluences Nomades in 2011 ; Peterborough Arts Festival in 2012

A circus where elephants would have been replaced by snails and tigers by hornets !

Housed in a vintage Bedford TK, the Insect Circus Museum displays a stunning array of costumes, props, puppets and toys from the extraordinary collection of the Insect Circus Society founded in 1933 to promote the interests of this ailing form of entertainment.

Created by Mark Copeland, painter and member of the Insect Circus Society, this travelling museum has travelled many hundreds of miles and has been visited by many thousands of people since 2004.

Photos : The Insect Circus Museum - Fête dans la Ville (2010), Confluences Nomades (2011)

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