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The Strangelings - or how to perfectly manage the art of being quirky

lundi 15 février 2010 , par Aurelien Marteaux (Traduction  Valérie Gooch)

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The festival-goers of the first edition of Fish & Chips could not have been more amazed... I am talking about the amazing artists of British company The Strangelings. Sudden appearances, interactive installation, show cheerfully absurd, and transformation of the usual bar at the Atelier 231 into a good old English pub, The Strangelings are into everything, mastering the tricky art of being quirky.
Story of a theatrical marathon...
[Friday 29 January]

7.36 pm, Promenade des Anglais.
Amazing scene presented by The explorers on a polar expedition on La Promenade des Anglais and its seaside all lit-up...!

9.33 pm, entrance hall of l’Atelier
On the invitation of "gentlemen photographers" Henry Burns and George Entwhistle, the Fish & Chips public have their photograph taken in the "old British" way, with hats, moustaches and jackets to be worn...! An entertaining experience with a photo souvenir for participants to bring home.

11.12 pm, the Tender
The highlight of this fantastic journey into the company’s universe, would undoubtedly be Tandem. A breath of fresh air in a sportivo-comic striptease style which pleases the zygomatics. The show perfectly sums up the famous expression " the ridiculous does not kill ". And the ridiculous, when completely borne, becomes an art for these two Brits who become masters on the subject !

1.01 am, « The Red Lion » pub
It is finally break-time for the company The Strangelings and David Bernstein, their Artistic Director. An opportunity for the artists to have a welkl deserved drink at "The Red Lion", Atelier 231 bar -cum English pub for 3 days, designed and put together by David.

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