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The company Hotch Potch invaded the Rue des Trois Cailloux in Amiens

vendredi 20 juillet 2012 , par Cécile Babin

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The show created by students from the Winchester Bachelor of Street Arts is a rhythmic walkabout inspired by our recycled materials.

At the corner of the Rue des Trois Cailloux, five strange characters disturb the inhabitant’s quiet afternoon of shopping.

These metal men seem to come straight from another planet with their silvery skin. What is their language ? The sounds produced by the musical instruments that extend their own metal body.

These five aliens seem to discover the planet Earth and its inhabitants. They try to get in touch with the audience by beating everyday objects, composing under our eyes a real percussions piece.

They discover the store windows and strike a pose like real models ...under the half-anxious half-fascinated passers-by’s eye.

But they have to be careful ! If they want to find their way back to their planet, they must stay together.

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