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The power of images by Luc Amoros on ’Page Blanche’

vendredi 30 juillet 2010 , par Coline Bergeon , Yffic Cloarec (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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’What is the world was just a blank page and only exists when we paint them ?… ’.
Interesting essay topics and interesting application of it by Luc Amoros on Sat evening. The company had been thinking about the role and impact of images in our society over several years, and Page Blanche, its latest creation, is the continuation of this process.

In front of Jules Verne circus, a huge scaffolding divided in 9 screens is used as a giant canvas for a colourful performance. For an hour, 6 European visual artists will be using 100 kg of black paint, as much white paint, kilos of coloured paint and 3600 m2 of cling film to paint ‘the mood of the day’. They paint fast, with skillfulness and sychronisation, while singing along live music…the audience is amazed as soon as the first canvas is done.

‘Look how fast they paint !’, ‘But why are they throwing their drawing away already, Daddy ? It’s a shame…’. Immense fresco as a tribute to the various civilisations and languages disappearing, painting celebrating the memory of Hiroshima’s victims, of the Death trains, images highlighting the role of advertissment or the art trade : each painting was warmly welcomed by the public. Not only the artists’ skills are impressive, but also the power of their images. Indeed, even if each painting is destroyed as soon as it is finished, their beauty and the mesage they convey will remain in each memory !

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