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The scenography, through words and pictures

mercredi 2 février 2011 , par Sylvain Marchand (Traduction  Mathilde Vautier)

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Between visual artists Les Plastiqueurs’s aerial installations and those based on pyrotechnic gas from British artists Chris Day, Dan Peppiat or Pressure Company, this year’s Fish & Chips scenography was reaching up to the sky.

Les plastiqueurs

This Rouen-based visual artists collective, in residence for a few days at Atelier 231 to finalise this sumptuous installation, is familiar to outdoor scenography (Viva Cité, Saint Gorgon, Fête de la Scie etc…)

In a cosy atmosphere with chairs, armchairs and Jelly-made lights, each member from Les Plastiqueurs invites the audience to drink a ’digital’ herbal beverage, made from artist NiKoDio’s video-projected plants. On each bottle, the name of a company on the festival. Taylor-made beverage ! Choose your flavour...

Pressure Company

In between quirky invention and robot music box…British collective Pressure Company transforms a milk van into a hypnotic drumming machine, creating the sound of an organ pipe with high pressured gas, or triggers a 50 000 Volt arch just to make a perculiar sound.

These British play with our ears for the delights of our eyes !

Dan Peppiat

They had been on display for 5 months in front of Brentwood Council (Essex) as olympic mascot, and now Dan Peppiat’s dragons and Elementree travel from towns to cities. Entirely made out of recycled-items from the local community, as well as 200 tin lids, these grumbling metallic structure throwing fire are quite an impressive piece of art...

Chris Day

At the other end of the Promenade des Anglais, opposite Dan Peppiat’s structure, Chris Day’s installation invites the audience to walk underneath his Tripod, who, as a greeting gesture, might breath-fire...


As a reminder of the 1st edition of the Fish & Chips, Carabosse came back this year with a lighter version of their fire installations. Their heated seats and armchairs were the best spots to enjoy the various happenings or a fish & chips prepared by Atelier 231’s chefs : Brigitte, Didier et Jean-Claude.

Red Lion Pub

Before the Magic Number’s lively gig, the Strangelings announce the result of the great meat raffle. The prize, put together by the company, involves ’Caen-style’ tripe and tinned beef in jelly...luck is sometimes not how you imagine it to be.

In the kitchen of the CodFather

Thursday 27th January – 23h30

Brigitte, Jean-Claude and Didier were fish & chips-making throughout the evening, going through 80 kg of chips and 16kg of cod. The evening after, the chefs served twice as much of these chippies.

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