Thor McIntyre

Sound & Installation Artist - England

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Boiling Point
- Programmed at : Fish & Chips #3 in 2012

Philip Morgan (Brigton Festival) and Dave Reeves(Zap Art) proposed Thor McIntyre to ZEPA and Daniel Andrieu (Atelier 231) chose to programme its installation Boiling Point as part of Fish & Chips #3 festival at Sotteville-Lès-Rouen in 2012. With that creation, he worked on a manifestation of the network of « Tweets », that emerged during the revolution in Cairo’s Tahrir square and a response to Atelier 231’s historical role producing boilers for the steam era. Flocks of loud speakers, fire, heat and steam combine the Industrial revolution with the network revolution.

Photo : Boiling Point - Fish & Chips #3 (2012)

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