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Thursday evening at the Fish and Chips (continuation...)

jeudi 2 février 2012 , par Simon Le Doaré

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Thor McIntyre – Boiling Point

On the ’Promenade des Anglais’, Thor McIntyre invites the audience to sit on improvised woodseats around a stove (the warmth was appreciable on a Thursday night during the winter in Normandie !), and to get a little cup of tea. All around the people so installed, futurist-designed-speakers are hanging at various heights and distances. Voices escape from the speakers, in French, English and Arabic, talking about the Egyptian revolution which happened one year ago. These are the ’tweets’ sent during the demonstrations in Tahrir Square. The speakers closest to the installation center (the stove), broadcast the most followed tweets at that time (according to the principle of ’followers’ on the social network Tweeter). The more we move away from the stove, the less the voices become frequent, as these were the less followed. Furthermore, Thor wanted to make a reference to the Atelier 231, historically a place where steam engines were manufactured, thus, we can hear breathes and machines, immersing the audience in an other revolution, an industrial one this time. It’s a visual and sound installation which is convivial, which can be touched, and at the heart of which we can sit and have a tea, talk around a stove and fall for this voices, evocative of revolutions.

Entre terre et ciel - Neige de Feu

Entre terre et ciel presents a flamed mystic trip. Surrounded by the fire, the juggler, pyromaniac dancer in her fireproof suit handles burning torches and flamed belt, in a twirling dance which lights up the night and warms the bodies. With her yeasty musicien, they transport the audience in a trance, ponctuated with incantation and flame bursts, mixed between apprehension about the risks and fascination of the fire.

Mastoc Production « Hanami » et Carabosse - scenography

To put the audience in the mood and illuminate the place, Mastoc Production and Carabosse suggest a glimming scenography. For Mastoc, there are trees, a lot of human-scale trees, with purple lighted leaves, which transform the Promenade des anglais into a fantastic path leading, maybe, to dream-like landscapes. And Carabosse is at the entrance. And they set the tone : fire, living, moving, fleeting, but which light up and warm. For a lighted Fish and Chips !

Tilted - Masquerade

Inspired by Freud’s interpretation of dreams and the Surrealist movement of the mid 20th century, 6 dancers give us a play full of symbols, under the direction of Maresa von Stockert. Sober. Brighblack decor, with surprising reflections, plain costumes, for a better development of the bodies. The play evolves over the dancers’ dreams and the audience’s imagination, and strange characters, dream beings, come out. A three legged woman, hands running by theirselves on the dancers’ bodies, and masks, unhinging, frightening, funny, and finally moving. I have to note the presence of the doyenne of the company, 60 years old, who demonstrates an extraordinary quality of movement. A dreaming play.

Photos : Simon Le Doaré, Caroline Lelong, Sylvain Marchand

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