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Thursday evening on the ’Promenade des Anglais’...

mercredi 1er février 2012 , par Sylvain Marchand (Traduction  Marie Bertel)

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’La promenade des Anglais’ is an ideal place to meet eccentric people. If the 3rd edition of the Fish & Chips festival focused on high-tech installations with the mechanical horse of Paka or the giant robot of Titan, the poetry and humour were not left behind thanks to the glittering magic of The Wrong Size or the hungry seagulls of Surreal McCoy.

Let’s talk about the eccentric characters met Thursday on the ’Promenade’...

Titan – ’The Next Generation’

A jewel of modern technology, this robot may represent a futuristic vision of what awaits us tomorrow. Blue neon, chrome bodywork, Dolby Stereo…You feel so small in front of its two metres high. Remote controlled by a control platform worthy of the Apollo program, the robot can speak, walk and dance on any types of music. Over-dimensioned replica of a children’s toy, its irresistible hips leave no one indifferent.

Surreal McCoy – ’Seagulls’

Two men dressed up as giant seagull and wearing a canary-colored skintight tights (Yes, ladies and gentlemen) took possession of ’the promenade’ looking for food to eat. The method is perfect and the audience reactions are immediate. Any person who is loitering on the ’promenade’ is a potential prey. So watch out ! Because if you are comfortably seated in the seat heating of Carabosse, they will come to get you few sips of beer or some French fries of your Fish and Chips.

Not really shy, they won’t hesitate to disrupt a telephone conversation until the person hangs up or to pose for a photo. On the lookout for the slightest detail, your doings are analyzed to create a warm exchange.

The Wrong Size – ’Lightwalkers’

From their stilts, 5 ghostly figures appeared on ’the promenade’ and gave to the audience a gracious and poetic moment. Without any devices, The Wrong Size proposed a quiet moment marked by a dreamlike and sweet atmosphere. We willingly accept their invitation without really knowing where we are going. Caught by these bright and aerial beings, the call of the unknown is stronger than anything else.

Paka – ’Rusty the Horse’

After Titan – the robot of the 21st century – here is another high-tech installation : ’Rusty the Horse’ ! A remote-controlled Horse, entirely built with metal, bolts and electric circuits.

Incredibly fantastic, the horse spits fire and broadcasts music thanks to an Ipod plug, specifically provided for this purpose. However ’Rusty the horse’ goes beyond a description of technical characteristics. A relation settles down between Rusty the horse and Paka, a cantankerous old man. A bit wild and not easy to coax, Rusty has a sturdy character. Paka is carrying on his shoulders, the weight of many years of hard work. His wrinkles and his lame walk demonstrates a tough life. But the man and the animal found themselves. The encounter is touching and happens in front of our eyes. When they ask us to follow them on the ’promenade’, to make a path together, nobody needs persuading...

Photos : Caroline Lelong

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