Tilted Productions- Seasaw

jeudi 22 septembre 2011 , par David Jones

Norwich based Tilted Productions ‘Seasaw’ is an Arts Council Escalator supported production. The performance is a site-specific outdoor dance event, combining contemporary dance and performance art.

The production takes its audience on a journey through short inter-connected performances, which lead the audience from under Britannia Pier to the seashore through the narrative of the relationship between man, water and environmental issues such as climate change and pollution.

The performance has several arresting visual images, such as the striking performance of the dancers under Britannia Pier covered in ‘crude oil’, the dancers who finish their piece with their heads buried in the sand against the backdrop of an empty beach and the performance’s finale where a dancer performs in and out of water from a large tank mounted on a plinth representing artic sea ice.

It is Tilted Productions use of dance on different surfaces that makes ‘Seasaw’ intensely fascinating to watch and observe how the body responds to the challenges of these surfaces and the possibility of new movement which is created out of them.

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